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Please read below to understand your options…

We continue to receive a steady stream of sails from Minnetonka and Wayzata Yacht Club boat owners.  And we (along with Mother Earth) thank you.  WYC Donators each received a tax deduction letter from Wayzata Community Sailing Center.

Dozens of individuals have donated sails to us in the past four years… including donations from Duluth and Bayfield.  Really helps keep sails from going into marina dumpsters, and eventually into landfills or burners.

SAIL DRIVE-- The last load filled the van for a 3rd time at Wayzata Yacht Club. This event is scheduled to repeat twice each year, on Put in and Haul-out days.

SAIL DRIVE– The last load filled the van for a 3rd time at Wayzata Yacht Club (SAIL DRIVE I, Fall 2013). About 120 sails came in during that Inaugural WYC Drive.

We Need:
Colorful sails as in Hobie Cat, kite and sailboard sails, and any  J-Boat mains (with logos).

Headsails, mainsails made of Dacron or Mylar/Kevlar Laminate and Spinnakers made of nylon, and vintage cotton sails that are in good condition .

Rips and tears are usually not a problem as long as we can get pieces out that are large enough to work with.  Weathering and crinkling from use is actually desirable as it lends character to the final product. Extensive rodent damage, mildew stains or dry rot will render materials worthless to us.

We make use of sheets, halyards, bolt-ropes, pucker strings, and any hardware attached to a sail, so please do not take the time to strip off such attachments.

Two Ways You Can Benefit by donating sails to Boathouse Bags (not counting the benefits of freeing up your own storage space and facilitating recycling.)

Lily in a Bag

Here is an example: Michael Sigel (beating his brothers to the family cache) donated about 15 sails, including some Mylar laminate Genoas from a J24. We made six bags like this from them and incorporated the Zip-Top feature.

Option I
If you wish, we’ll give you a credit toward a future purchase from our online store – use it to purchase anything we sell at Boathouse Bags.  Once we receive and check in your sails we will issue you a credit memo that you can use on our web site to purchase whatever you like.
Custom products from your sail(s): You may request creating a bag with your sail numbers, or class insignia displayed on the bag you choose with your credit.
How much?:  You will receive a credit of $1 per pound of sail weight for Dacron, laminate, kite, sailboard, vintage cotton, or nylon spinnaker cloth, with a minimum credit of $20.

< OR >

Option II — Get a Tax Deduction
We can arrange for you to receive a tax deduction for the donation of your used sails to The Wayzata Community Sailing Center, The Lake Minnetonka Sailing School or your favorite 501c3 non-profit, anywhere…(perhaps your local sailing school?).  That will benefit you to the extent you can work with your tax preparer. 10% of replacement value seems to work for most.

Start with a call to Bill Tomlinson at 612 [] 619 [] 0890 to set up a donation.  We will arrange a pick-up at no cost to you. Either path you choose, the sails will come directly to us for evaluating, weighing and processing.  If you have any questions, please call or email Bill Tomlinson.

Curious about sails? Here is a pretty good history and synopsis:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sailcloth

6 thoughts on “Swap Your Sails


      I appreciate your offer. At this time I have a huge surplus of sail inventory on hand. If you wish to ship me that sail, I will be happy to provide you an XL Beach Bag in exchange.
      Send it to:
      Boathouse Bags, Inc.
      22035 Stratford PL.
      Excelsior MN 55331

  1. Brian Wilhoite

    I have a Kevlar Main from a C&C 44 that is beyond its useful sailing career. Do you buy old sails to recycle?

    1. Bill Tomlinson

      I just saw your comment for the first time, today…
      Sorry to be taking so long to respond.
      If you look at options A and B in this link in detail, it explains the purchase offer we will make.
      Then, please, give me call @ 612 x 619 x 0890 if you want to move ahead.

  2. Cindy Siegel

    I have a sail that I would like to have made into a tote bag. I would need you to tell me if the sail is usable and I am happy to bring the sail to you as I live in Eden Prairie.


      Hi Cindy,
      I am just finding some very very old Comments that have been made on our site.
      If you want to call me (612 X 619 X 0890) that will be the best way to set something up to see your sail.
      That’s assuming you still have it!


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