Boathouse Messenger Bags

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Our Boathouse Bags Messenger Bags are naturally ultra-light weight and easy to keep clean. They make a great bag to hold your laptop or tablet computer. They are double-layered throughout, normally with a combination of dacron and accents of composite sailcloth.

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Meet Scott Norby, a one-time MC SCOW skipper with a Messenger Bag made from an MC main. His Father found it in storage, and had us create this Christmas gift for Scott from it. A very nice surprise!

Our Boathouse Messenger Bags are naturally ultra-light-weight and easy to keep clean.   Made with a “full frontal flap,” that gives it the traditional Messenger Bag ruggedness.  All include an interior pocket that will fit a phone, charger, cords, keys or what-have-you.

The strap has two options, the first option is to reuse (up-cycle) an old laptop carrier shoulder-strap.  The second option is a length of bolt rope… Stripped from an old mainsail it serves nicely in it’s retirement phase of life, cleverly adjustable using an old hiking strap for a shoulder cushion.

These make great laptop or tablet computer carriers and are really light weight, perfect for bicycle commuting…

Send us a sail with the logo or numbers you want and we will build a cool Messenger Bag around it… see the photos of the nifty Ensign and MC Messenger Bags.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 2 x 13 in