Drawstring Backpack

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Super light-weight–  those people in your household that bike to work or the campus will really like this convenient Draw-string Backpack!

Easy to keep clean and weather resistant…

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A nautical, light, drawstring bag. Perfect for books and stuff, or as a travel carry-on. It is a nautical, lightweight drawstring backpack for students and anyone with stuff.

A “drawstring backpack” means by pulling the cords tight it cinches the top closed. At the same time, that lengthens the loops so that the bag can be slung casually over one shoulder. Or if on a bike, both sides can be shouldered to serve as a regular back-pack.

The rope we are using is a marine grade polyester braid, varying in color.

School, Yacht Club or other insignia can be applied at extra cost.  Components are about 93% recycled materials; 100% made in USA,  as are all Boathouse Bags products!

Lightweight: Only weighs a few ounces.
Great for: Tossing in your Stuff for campus or a great carry-on for travel.
Dimensions: 14″ W x 16″ H.


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