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An easy way to transform your bathroom or any room with Shower Curtains, Wall Coverings, Room Dividers or Window Curtains.  Made here in the USA from recycled, used sailboat sails.

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Here are some notes on sailcloth, as it pertains to all of our products, but specifically SHOWER AND WINDOW CURTAINS. Please be aware that these are made from Used Sails that may have some discolorations and marks from their former lives. There are two basic categories:

  1. Dacron, as in the N15 or J22 (or J24) examples, is matte finished, white in color, and comes in varying thicknesses. The N15 sail is medium weight cloth, and the J24 is heavy or thicker, to the point where it is rather difficult to draw back. (More on that below.)
  2. Composite sailcloth, the other category, are more contemporary and can vary widely in appearance. The one thing in common is at least one external sheet of glossy mylar. Most composite sails are laminated on both sides with mylar. These have the gloss finish you see in the sample USA 50. These also come in a broad range of thickness/stiffness. Colors vary from white to carmel to black, and are generally a little bit translucent.

Sail weight (thickness) is a factor to consider, depending on how you want to store your curtain. It is not a problem if you generally leave your shower curtain in a fully flat position as opposed to drawn to one end. If you prefer to leave the shower stall “open,” it can be rather difficult to flex the heavier weight materials. You can, however, figure out where you want the creases in the sail so that you can “accordian fold” it and hit it with a warm iron to give it memory. You can specify light or heavy cloth, dacron or composite in the ordering process.

Here are notes on the numbers and letters you see: If you want to specify a certain graphic (as in N15), we apply those here, cut from marine-grade pre-adhesive sail numbering materials. You can specify any combination of numbers or letters, and pay an extra $5 each. They are typically 12 inches in height. You have the full range of cloth options on the sailcloth. On the other hand, if you want an original sail graphic, such as a J22 or J24 logo, you have to take the sailcloth it comes on. This limits your cloth options since those are on mainsails only, which tend to be heavy-weight cloth. We welcome your phone calls too, and please read the customer reviews.  If you want to transform that bathroom or bedroom today, Shower Curtains, Window Curtains, or Room Dividers made from Recycled Sails is the place to begin!

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