Regatta Trophy Awards


Need trophies for your Regatta? Why not something functional and durable in addition to being Earth-friendly?  Please contact Bill for details about this excellent way to honor Regatta Champions! (Or participants and volunteers.)
Normally a substantial discount applies because more than 10 pieces are ordered. Bill can give you a precise quote for your regatta budgeting purposes.  It will include converting the art or graphic from your regatta theme into heat transfer labels that will be heat-pressed onto each piece.  Here are some we have done:

Here are 3 Messenger Bags plus one XL Beach Bag with Zip top… Championship quality!

We produced the Trophy Awards for the 2015 Yngling North American Championships in Okoboji, IA. Here is a list of what was ordered, to help you plan:

  • First Place: Zip-top XL Beach Bags
  • Second: Large Beach Bags
  • Third: Medium Beach Bags
  • Fourth–Sixth: Growler sized Bucket Bags
  • Junior Champ: Messenger Bags
  • Masters Champ: Wine Bottle Carrier – 4 pack
  • Kids: Drawstring Backpacks
There are two sizes of the full-color heat transfer, the appropriate size is adhered to each. It matched regatta shirts, –– we made it from the graphics file from the shirt art.You can see how the heat transfer worked to carry the theme across the various pieces.



Below is a selection created for the 2013 J-22 Joe Cool Icebreaker Regatta but re-purposed to a regional fall regatta because there was still ice covering the Lake.  A combination of 9 products, 3 per boat through 3 places.

They were actually used for the 2013 J-22 District Championship, hosted by Wayzata Yacht Club, and sailed on Lake Minnetonka.J22_trophies_group_shot

The Messenger Bag includes a sponsor logo and they chose the Bucket Bag– Growler Size as well as our Wine tote… All 3 are pictured at right. (Plus a piece of silver for the winner.)




Sonar Worlds Awards

On their way to the Sonar Worlds in Rochester New York. This photo shows one of each of the Awards.

We produced 20 Trophies for the 2013 Sonar World Championship Regatta:

  • First Place: Zip-top XL Beach Bags
  • Second: XL Beach Bags
  • Third: Messenger Bags
  • Fourth: Medium Sized Beach Bags
  • Fifth Place: Large size Bucket Bags
These turned out beautifully, with permanent full color heat transfer labels applied to each piece.

Sonar group shot

Here they are all lined up and awaiting the Awards Ceremony….
From Dawn Shumway, organizer of the Sonar 2013 Worlds, hosted by the Rochester, NY Yacht Club:
“Hi Bill – we had a great regatta.  A variety of wind conditions and some great competition.  The winners really liked the bags.

I will definitely be recommending your bags to future regatta organizers.  Thank you for your support and also for the donated bag.  We had a very happy raffle winner.


This Beautiful Beach Bag was crafted from an old Sonar main from Tom Brown. It was donated to the Sonar event as a Raffle item in their fund-raising efforts for the class and the regatta.

Have a great fall.  Best regards,”


5 thoughts on “Regatta Trophy Awards

  1. Dawn Shumway

    Bill – I’d like to talk with you about potentially doing some trophies for the Sonar World Championship to be hosted by the Rochester Yacht Club this September. Would you please send me a note when you get a chance. For information about our regatta:

    Thanks – Dawn Shumway

    1. Jeannie

      I hope to get a chance to make these before easter. It's school vacation week here in MA so with a napless 3 yr old and 5 yr old home, I have to find the time to get them done. Thanks for the tuinatrl.Jeo[]
      (In response to Dawn.)

  2. Bill Tomlinson

    We are so pleased to have created a full set of 20 Trophies for the Sonar Worlds.
    I am certain you will love them and so will the Winners of your Event!
    (They are in transit at the time of this writing…)
    Have a Great Regatta and please take lots of pix!
    Bill Tomlinson

  3. Mike Moyle

    I have a large pile of old sails, mostly laminates, from a 40 footer. The pile is roughly 4 ft tall, and 8 ft diameter. Just guessing, but I think it probably goes 300 pounds or more.

    You can have all of them… I will drop them off. In return I would like 12 30″ sea bags with zippers and shoulder straps, shipped to Duluth before Christmas. Does that work for you?


      Yes, I am ready to accept more sails!
      The way it works is as follows:
      We accept your pile of sails,and check them in, weighing each sail, and coming up with a total weight.
      We issue you a credit for an amount equal in dollars to the weight of your sails… 300 pounds equals $300 worth of merchandise, and you can select anything you want from our Website (or Etsy site)…
      It won’t get you a dozen seabags, but it’s a good start… AND IT KEEPS THOSE SAILS OUT OF A LANDFILL (at least for a good long while) !!


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